Friday, July 10, 2009

Check it out....

Everyone is now happily settled in and doing service projects. We had a " tour"of projects, a brief medical/community health induction and then it was time to jump right in...And jump each one did!! At clinics it was taking blood pressures, temperatures, baby weighting, vaccines, etc. For home-based care it was door to door greeting clients and helping with palliative care...pain killers, vitamin B, changing dressings, etc. All this in the mornings. Then it's off to community projects in the evenings...building that privacy wall for the community school, farming and pumping water, adult literacy classes under the tree, mixing concrete and toting a wheelbarrow of bricks for building the school room, cleaning rooms at the old people's home. As you can see, this group has been extremely busy...These group of women have been simply amazing!!!!
But there's been room for fun...Folks checked out the "lunar" rainbow over Victoria Falls last night!!! Fabulous!!
Weekend is here and some well deserved R and R ...because it's work again on Monday!!!

Dr. M.

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