Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chobe Safari

Crossing the border into Botswana....they have a special "Welcome Mat" that you have to walk over that is apparently sprayed with a magical disinfectant that prevents foot and mouth disease. Hopefully, it protects against all the other germs that have no doubt been tracked onto it as well! As you can see, it's not very clean!This big fella decided to grace us with his presence during our Chobe boat safari. It's amazing how close we got to such awesome wildlife!!
Also at Chobe is the always interesting, but very rare "6-Legged Elephant." Being the master photographer that I am, I happened to catch this strange sight on film...

Random water buffalo carcass....we were praying we wouldn't be next on the list of "Things Lions Like to Eat."

"AW, Ma! Cut it out! The humans are watching!"

Our safari trip to Chobe (in Botswana) was yet another amazing experience. Although the weather was a bit chilly and we had to get up at 5am, we got to see some cool stuff. We have done a good job mixing our work with pleasure!

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