Thursday, July 16, 2009

La La La La La Maramba!!

Oh my new friend, Bonjov (not to be confused with Bon Jovi) mugging for the camera! He and I played "Catch the Grasshopper" at Maramba Farm. India did not appreciate it like I did. What a cutie!

These are my other buddies from Maramba Farm. We are doing lion impersonations. I think we are quite good at it....and yes, I am a big kid.

This is Lewah the elephant! She was gracious enough to schlep Ashley and I around on Saturday:-) So fun but my butt still hurts.

Here I am with a hatchet....danger! We use these to chop mulch on Maramba farm. They plant mushrooms and place the mulch on them to help hold moisture. This is my backup career...

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